Jessie will serve as your ally as you start to transform your life. Through this self-discovery process, you will be provided with individualized tools and resources that best suit you. Jessie will be there to facilitate with her approachable and warm-hearted nature. She will deeply listen, asks challenging questions and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone in order to support you in becoming your best self and creating the life you want to live.


Are you ready to transform your life?
Are you ready to achieve levels of confidence that you never thought were possible?
Are you ready to face what may be holding you back?
Are you ready to accept yourself and own your decisions?
Are you ready to face new challenges, set goals, and create boundaries to be happier with your life?


Coping with Stress & Anxiety

Improving Confidence & Self-Esteem

Creating More Happiness, Ease and Balance into Your Daily Life

Building Healthy & Meaningful Relationships

Feeling Free, In-Flow, & Un-Stuck

Finding your Purpose to Cultivate

Meaning & Fulfillment in your Life

Creating Sustainable Changes (Social, Emotional, Physical, Mental)

Client Love

Jessie is a supportive wellness coach. With my values and character strengths in mind, she encouraged me to align my actions and goals with who I am and what’s important to me. I learned to let go of the pressure of having to stick to habits and and instead learned to create systems that work specifically for me. Jessie is an excellent listener and imparted me with thought-provoking reflections and practical wellness tools. She was there to support me at every step of the process – to celebrate my triumphs and provide extra care as I stumbled.

Raissa, 31, San Francisco

Jessie captured the essence of my goals and helped transform my daily habits into meaningful and productive actions. Because of her kind and insightful guidance, I was able to achieve a higher benchmark than expected. She put me onto a course of swift greatness. Highly recommended!

Jennifer, 38, Chicago

I was working with Jessie during a high-pressure time, academically and personally, during my final years of college. We explored all aspects of my life in a holistic manner and I was able to see what parts of my life needed more love and attention. Jessie held me accountable to make this possible and kept me on track to achieve my goals! Not only in-sessions, but between them, I felt so supported. She has an amazing spirit and soul. I absolutely loved my time working with Jessie and would recommend her to anyone looking for more balance in their life!

Grace, 20, Boston

When I worked with Jessie, I felt truly seen. She is a compassionate listener and a thoughtful guide, someone who I felt safe to open up with. Jessie didn’t judge me and always made me feel like my life experience mattered.

Lisa, 28, San Francisco