Reclaim Your Power, Passion and Purpose

Jessie is an international life coach, who utilizes a mind-body, whole-person approach. Through her unique practice, together you will work to reclaim your power, passion, and purpose, starting with your innermost self.


I am a mindfulness based-educator for children, parents and teachers. Through my unique method, I support children in building emotional resilience and improving pyscho-social health in order for them to happily integrate as individuals within their family systems and their communities at large. Whether your child is experiencing behavioral challenges or is just looking to enhance their developmental well-being, this is the place for it! 

In my practice, I take a whole-person, mindfulness-based approach. My training and experience are carried into my work, which includes a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Phi Beta Kappa from Emory University, as well as a Master’s degree in Integrative Health Studies & Behavior Change from California Institute of Integral Studies. Through my practice, you are empowered to reclaim your power, passion and purpose in order to create the life you most desire as your happiest and healthiest self.



Let’s Get the Most Out of Life!

Jessie will serve as your ally as you begin to transform your life, starting from your innermost self. Through this process of self-discovery, you will be provided with individualized tools and resources that will best suit you. Jessie will be there to facilitate with her warm-hearted and approachable nature. She will intently listen, ask challenging questions and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone in order to support you in becoming your best self and creating the life you want to live.


Let’s Embody More Love!

Jessie utilizes a dynamic mindfulness-based approach in her work with children and teens to improve their social-emotional well-being. Her framework focuses on awareness, mindset and communication to improve attentional capacity, emotional regulation and prosocial behaviors. Jessie works in tandem with parents, providing them with education, resources and tools in order to help the children more happily integrate within their family system and community at large.


Let’s Move!

Jessie will guide you through a personalized practice to meet your needs, in-person or virtually. Her focus is on body awareness and breath to allow emotions and stressors to move through and be released. She will provide inspirational musings throughout the class that will motivate you on and off the mat. Modifications and adjustments will be given for proper alignment. Beginners through advanced yogis are welcome and both relaxing and vigorous practices are available.

Client Love

Jessie really helped me feel more at ease with my body and the way I look. But more so, through our work, I realized that my looks are less important than how I carry myself. Thanks to her, I always feel beautiful, regardless of my external appearance and because of that, I not only have more self-confidence, but I also embody more confidence when I am with others!

Paz, 24, Tel Aviv

Change is hard. And Jessie was there for me through some big shifts in my life. Her support was steady and her encouragement felt so genuine. She held space for me to open up to myself in ways I didn’t even know I was closed! I’m so grateful for her patience, kindness, and coaching during my transition. She helped me transform the stress of moving into a process of self-discovery and helped me deepen my own self-awareness.

Maggie, 26, Northern California

I was struggling to find balance between school, work and family this past year. Jessie, who is incredibly compassionate and empathetic has helped me gain more clarity on my purpose and values in order to re-evaluate my priorities in life!

Becca, 32, Colorado